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The 5th step

The way to a new society
ISBN 978-82-300-0319-0

Dag Andersen
“Reading The 5th Step gives one an overwhelming experience. What the book presents is a grand overview of the development of our civilisation to the present day and a vision of the future at a higher developmental level. Seldom in Norway is such a broadly based intellectual argument presented in such a lively and engrossing way.”     
                                            John Peter Collett, professor in modern history, University of Oslo

“For decision-makers, this is one of the books you have to read. It provides an in-depth perspective for viewing and evaluating the greater contexts, not least for leaders in business and of society at large.”                                              Arvid Grundekjøn, chairman, Statkraft

“What attracts me most about this book is its central idea, which is both new and exciting: First we believed that the physical world functioned like the emotional world; now we are to discover the Laws of Emotionality which generally function in quite the opposite fashion to the Laws of Physics.
Thoughts as to how the transition to the 5th step will take place are both refreshing and inspiring.”                                    Jørgen Randers, professor Norwegian School of Management

“The 5th Step is without any doubt the book I have talked most about, both in my private and my professional life. The belief that we may collectively acquire such knowledge and skills as to reach higher levels of achievement and at the same time get along better almost borders on the naive, but the presentation of our historical development in terms of knowledge and skills provides rock-solid foundations, giving credibility to this enticing description of a possible future. And organisations which make use of the tools therein give themselves a competitive advantage. We know this from experience in our own company!”
                                                                                      Bård Stranheim, CEO, GAT–Soft AS

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