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Life 2.0

ISBN 978-82-300-1192-8

Muaed Mahmod Hassan

We can create a new life form, as you will find by reading this book, if we understand the natural world as it is vs. how we perceive it. This new life form is not carbon-based as ours but completely a new one. But, will it be ethically correct to do so just because we can? What if this new life form becomes our concurrent on the resources and it will try to wipe us out?

It is time for the science to leave the past behind and look ahead. Science’s history of discoveries is astonishing but we still think and use word from the prehistoric world. It is time to the human society to evolve beyond the planet earth. Failing to do so will make us go in history as an extinct species, the same as the dinosaurs.

The philosophy is not to enjoy a cup tee while wondering how much the sunset is beautiful. The philosophy is to find the most general laws from the natural world that are applicable on any subject, event, phenomenon or object let it be chemistry, economics, physics, astrology, biology, etc… it may sound like this: for each action there is a reaction.


My name is Muaed Mahmod Hassan. I am a bioengineer and work in a laboratory in a psychiatric hospital in Norway.

Originally I am from Baghdad, Iraq, but I grown up in different parts of the world because of my political ideology. That is why I like to identify myself with different nations, although my mother nation is Arabic which I am very proud of, I am proud too of all nations in our planet earth because each of them has contribute to the human civilization throw our history on earth. I speak 6 languages where four of them fluency. Now I am a Norwegian citizen.

I studied different subjects by my own because I love information and love to get to the basics, the building stone of things, how they work, what they are made of, why they work the way they do. Among other subjects I studied by my own I can mention high level mathematics and physics, electronics, informatics, etc... I was in the second years as an agronomic student in Mosul University before I had to leave everything because of the political situation in Iraq.

At the same time I was very interested in knowing the relation between software and hardware in the electronic world because I wanted to make and program a hardware that can have self-awareness. That is why I studied electronics and programming in assembly, C and C++. But I found that such thing is impossible, and the answer to “why is this impossible?” question is reflected in this book.

Muaed Mahmod Hassan

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